Simplify your Address Management
with 365 business Address Validation

Ensure accurate and complete addresses within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using 365 business Address Validation. Our comprehensive extension provides address and organization prediction functionality, as well as validation and completion features. Eliminate address errors, improve data quality, and optimize your business operations with 365 business Address Validation.

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Ein Screenshot, der die Adressvorhersage in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central zeigt
Ein Screenshot, der das Ergebnis der Adressvalidierung in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central zeigt
Ein Screenshot, der das Adressvalidierung Rollencenter in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central zeigt

Key Features and Benefits

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Automatic Address Prediction

Save time and minimize errors when entering addresses. With 365 business Address Validation, you can utilize the address prediction feature to quickly and accurately find addresses and businesses. Avoid typos and ensure that your addresses are correct and complete.

Address Validation & Completion

Our extension checks and validates your address data in real-time. Incorrect or incomplete addresses are identified and automatically completed to enhance data quality. With 365 business Address Validation, you can be confident that your addresses are always accurate and consistent.

Efficient Address Management

Optimize your address management and increase the efficiency of your business processes. With 365 business Address Validation, you can easily manage addresses, update changes quickly, and ensure that your customer database is always up-to-date and accurate.

Enhanced Customer Communication

With accurate and complete addresses, you can ensure effective customer communication. By using 365 business Address Validation, you avoid undeliverable mail or returns and ensure smooth customer interactions.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

As a extension built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, 365 business Address Validation seamlessly integrates into your existing platform. Access the powerful address management features directly from your ERP system, improving workflows without interruption.


The most precise location data in the world

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Reach every customer, everywhere, thanks to the most accurate building-specific location data from the leader in data validation. Loqate sets new standards by combining the richest, globally curated data with sophisticated parsing and matching technology.

The result is verified address data that is standardized, enriched and structured in the most precise local format.

Most curated address data in the world

Exklusive Integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The standard in global address verification

Precise address data, in standardized format for maximum delivery reliability

Premise-level location data across 249 countries and territories in 6,500 languages

Reduction of return shipping costs by up to 80%

Cost reduction through precise addresses

The calculation is based on assumptions, such as the average return costs 5.00 € per delivery. This varies from deliverer to deliverer. The 2023 published Deutsche Post Direkt address study shows that one in eight customer addresses was incorrect in 2022. There was a proportion of around 17% of undeliverable addresses.With 365 business Address Validation, this can be reduced by up to 80%.

Avoidable costs without address validation

365 business Address Validation reduced the rate of incorrect addresses by 80%.

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