Easy. Transparent. Fair.

Transparent and fair billing for the services & functions of the 365 business API.

The billing of the 365 business API services is based on so-called transactions. A transaction is the request and the successful response of the 356 business API service. If the request cannot be processed successfully from a technical point of view, this request will not be charged.

The prices of the transactions differ according to the selected billing model, per service, we offer the following service plans.

Service Plans


Usage-based billing is the default billing model for new customers of the 365 business API.

Each transaction is billed at the regular price.


With the Starter Plan, we offer an attractive entry-level pricing model for the use of 365 business API services.

This package is specially designed for customers who require small to medium transaction volumes.


The Business Plan is the most frequently chosen pricing model and is aimed specifically at customers with medium to high transaction volumes.

In addition to more favorable conditions, the Business Plan offers additional content and services.


The Enterprise plan is aimed at all customers who have a very high transaction volume and special requirements.

Via the Enterprise plan, individual agreements can be made for the use of the 365 business API.

Transaction Package

The Starter, Business and Enterprise service plans are also referred to as transaction packages. In addition to different general conditions, such as payment terms and support levels, the difference lies in the number of transactions purchased.

The minimum number of transactions per transaction package is purchased in advance and then entitles the user to use the corresponding services and functions.
The transactions purchased are valid indefinitely and can be used regardless of the time frame*.

* except 365 business Address Validation service