Where is my 2022 Christmas card?

Weihnachtsbrief von 365 business development

Every year the same situation! Hardly you forget, Christmas and New Year is just around the corner!

This is also the time when Christmas cards are traditionally sent from business partner to business partner to thank them for their cooperation and to send Christmas greetings.

This year, we have also received numerous cards and small gifts, which we were of course very pleased about. At this point once again many thanks from us!

Nevertheless, we have decided this year differently! Why? Usually, you take note of the cards and greetings, but then very quickly put them aside and at the latest in the new year, the card disappears for good.

What to do instead? Just do nothing at all this year?

No, that would not be our way! Instead, we decided to donate the equivalent value of such a campaign, i.e. postage, address labels, Christmas cards, etc.

Last year we spent about 300 euro, so why not donate 365 euro to a good cause?

From now, 365 Euro will go to UN Refugee Aid every year as a permanent donation.

Of course, we still wish all our partners and customers a merry Christmas, festive and relaxed days with your loved ones and of course a happy new year 2023!

Christoph Krieg

Christoph Krieg

Managing Director

Christoph Krieg looks back on more than 15 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for both, Microsoft partners and end customers and is an accomplished technical consultant and trainer.

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