Statement of Direction.

According to Microsoft guidelines, we are committed to providing support, at a minimum, for the same ERP solutions and versions supported by Microsoft. This means that we focus on the ongoing developments of our add-on solutions and that we start the upgrade process to the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version once the latest release is available to us.

Support Lifecycle.

In case that business development Christoph Krieg decides to discontinue further development of one or more modules, we are required by the terms of our maintenance contracts to provide product maintenance and support until all maintenance contracts have expired.


The Standard Support Level is available for all regular customers, without specific support agreements, and guarantees a reaction time of max. 72 hours.

The support is free-of-charge for acknowledged bugs in our products. User support or consulting activities will be charged according to our regular service rate.

Contact our support team using the contact form or one of our known support channels.

Integrated Product Support

The 365 business Suite products for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (e.g. 365 business Barcode, 365 business ERiC) are providing an integrated feedback system, which enables the user to address issues and enhancments.

Using this system you are able to send your issues, problems and enhancement proposal directly into our product backlog. Additionally the feedback system allows to send diagnostic data which helps us to reproduce and identify issues and bugs.

Using the 365 business API Feedback is the preferred way to submit issues or enhancement proposals.

Even without a specific service aggreement, we guarentee a reaction time of max. 48 hours for issue submissions using the 365 business API Feedback system.


The Priority Support Level is a specific service agreement we offer for our customers and guarantees a reaction time of up to 8 hours.

The Priority Support Level is charged in advance, based on the actual reaction time and the services included. The actual support services are free-of-charge even for user support and consulting services, up to the predefined limit of hours spent.

Priority Support Level customers receiving a specific contact person and detailed contact information to contact the responsible employee.



Support: +49-228-387-55501

In case of emergency or business outtake you can escalate by contacting

Please note, that non-critical situations will be charged if using emergency support channel.