No more incomplete or incorrect address data!

Starting 1 € / month per User

A video of the app 365 business address validation

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 extension for address completion and validation

Have addresses from third-party systems automatically checked for correctness.
 Simplify and speed up your processes by completing addresses as they are entered.

Automatic verification of address data for postal correctness

Customer, Vendor, Contact data and more

Address prediction and completion already during input

Sales and purchasing documents

Database with worldwide address data and typesets (e.g. Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic)

From third-party systems such as online stores, eBay or Amazon.

Flawless master data

Ensure that your address data is always correct and that you actually reach your customers and contacts. Reduce human error through mistyping and interrogation.

Reach your customers without scattering loss

Avoid returns, duplicate contacts or missed deliveries due to incorrect addresses. Ensure that your mailings always reach your customers.

Reduce efforts & accelerate processes

Addresses are already predicted and automatically completed while they are entered. This simplifies the work of your employees, speeds up work processes and reduces the error rate.

A scribble of a person holding a fact sheet and giving a "thumbs up" to show that all data is correct and complete.

Our rates

Address prediction

per User

1,00 € / month


Ein Screenshot, der die Einrichtung der Erweiterung 365 business adress validation zeigt

Validate and complete address data

Do you import address data from third-party systems, such as marketplaces or online stores? Then address validation and completion is what you need! In addition to address prediction, address data from third-party systems is automatically checked during import and corrected if necessary.


No minimum quantity of addresses

0,10 € / address



Term of payment


From 2,500 addresses

0,08 € / address



Term of payment


From 10,000 addresses

0,06 € / address



Term of payment

Individual solutions for large companies

For corporate customers with individual requirements, we are happy to provide a customized offer.

“Wir geben sehr viele Kundenadressen in Business Central ein und mit 365 Address Validation, ist dies nun in einem Bruchteil der Zeit möglich! Ein absoluter Gamechanger!”
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Correct addresses at any time - fast and uncomplicated

Correct addresses at any time - fast and uncomplicated

Durch die ständige automatisierte Validierung der Adressdaten Ihrer Kunden, Lieferanten und Kontakte, schleichen sich nie wieder Fehler ein. So vermeiden Sie Umsatzverluste durch unzufriedene Kunden oder Marketingaktivitäten, die Ihre Zielgruppen nicht erreichen.

Cost-effective billing model

With us, you only pay for successful transmissions and have no additional costs such as setup fees, monthly fees or maintenance costs.

Personal support

In case of queries, we offer you competent and personal help via e-mail. Our experts will get back to you within a maximum of 72 hours.

Simplify work processes

Address prediction and auto-filling saves your employees time, so they can focus on more important tasks. The tedious manual entry of address master data is a thing of the past.

Cloud and On-Premise solution

Entscheiden Sie selbst: Nutzen Sie unsere 365 business Address Validation Erweiterung als SaaS in der Cloud oder als selbst betriebene On-Premise Lösung im Netzwerk Ihres Unternehmens.

Frequently asked questions

365 business Address Validation is available from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Release Wave 2 (17).

Yes, 365 business Address Validation is available for on-premise installations. You can download the extension file (*.app) prepared for your Business Central version at

Your Microsoft Dynamics partner must add the appropriate 365 business Address Validation module to your license prior to installation in order for you to be authorized to use the application in Business Central.

Address Validation is offered via the 365 business API service Address Validation and requires a valid subscription to use the 365 business API.
Unless otherwise specified, billing is usage-based on the basis of the address checks actually performed.

Address prediction, on the other hand, is offered as user or tenant licensing. In the context of user licensing, 1.00 Euro per month is charged for each active Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central user. Please contact us for tenant licensing.

Yes, at the extension files (*.app) are offered as runtime package for the respective platform version of your Business Central installation.

Yes, both address validation and address prediction can be tested. A free 30-day-trial is offered for this purpose. To test the address validation, a free and non-binding registration via the 365 business API extension is required.

Address prediction can be used without prior registration and can also be tested in sandbox environments (SaaS) for an unlimited period of time.

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