Generate QR codes, integrate them into documents and decode them

Starting 0,015 € / barcode

A video of the app 365 business barcode

The barcode generator and decoder for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Extend your reports and documents with QR codes and extract all information from barcodes for fast processing.

Encode and decode 1D and 2D QR codes

Easy integration into invoices, shipments, order confirmations, etc.

Supporting over 20
different barcode types

Scan barcodes digitally - without hardware

Save barcode formats as templates

Extract and process
information from QR codes

Fast processing of documents

Print QR codes on documents such as invoices or order confirmations with minimal effort to automate electronic processing.

Easy warehousing & fast picking

Labels with QR codes for your articles, storage bins or picking crates help you to simplify your inventory management and to keep an automated overview of your inventory.

A scribble of a person placing a QR code on a document.

Our rates


no minimum quantity of barcodes

0,030 € / barcode



Term of payment


from 2.500 barcodes

0,025 € / barcode



Term of payment


from 10.000 barcodes

0,015 € / barcode



Term of payment

Individual solutions for large companies

For corporate customers with individual requirements, we are happy to provide a customized offer.

Generating barcodes made easy

Create your own barcodes

Create custom QR codes with and without plain text display for invoices, order confirmations, item labels, shipping labels, and other documents. Once created, save barcode formats as templates and quickly access them later.

Over 20 different 1D and 2D barcode types

The 365 business barcode extension supports the 20 most popular QR-code types, such as Code 39 (1D), Code 128 (1D), EAN-8 (1D), EAN-13 (1D), QR Code (2D), Data Matrix (2D) and PDF417 (2D) and many more.

Cloud and On-Premise solution

Decide for yourself: Use our 365 business barcode extension as SaaS in the cloud or as a self-operated on-premise solution in your company's network.

Decode barcodes & process information

Scan QR codes in seconds to use the stored information automatically in your other processes. This way, you simplify your business processes significantly and save time.

Cost-effective billing model

With us, you only pay for the actual number of barcodes encoded or decoded (transactions) and have no additional costs such as setup fees, monthly fees or maintenance costs.

Personal support

In case of queries, we offer you competent and personal help via e-mail. Our experts will get back to you within a maximum of 72 hours.

Product updates

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